About Us

ARKADEMIE is a design and manufacturing brand that handcrafts MEANINGFUL, DURABLE and HERITAGE products using environmentally sustainable resources and processes, while practicing inclusive and socially-responsible employment within its business community.
ARKADEMIE began as a humble pursuit to hand-made design journals and sketchbooks for personal use.  Being a designer, design marketer and educator for nearly 30 years, James Lee, founder of the company, has always documented the process of design through journaling with drawings, sketches and written texts.  But most design notebooks and journals do not last long enough to be kept for the entire creative periods of their users.  Design and artistic contents deposited in journals and sketchbooks become valuable over time as the designer- or artist-user grows and matures in practice.  Journals and sketchbooks should last a lifetime and beyond the creative lives of the users - a testimony of their creative journeys and experiences.
As a design and marketing practitioner, James has kept a collection of over forty design journals over nearly three decades of practice, and unfortunately many have begun depreciating in structure and disintegrating rapidly.  Lamenting over the state of his journals and out of necessity, James started creating for himself design journals with natural leather covers and premium drawing papers for the purpose of preserving creative design and artistic contents. 
These journals and sketchbooks would eventually become heirloom and heritage to be handed down to younger generations of design practitioners.
Natural full-grained vegetable-tanned leather, being a naturally processed material, is durable, flexible and beautiful to be used as journal covers as well as many implements and accessories.  Over time, James began designing and handcrafting a myriad of leather goods specially for clients and the creative professionals, while maintaining a focus on understated and timeless aesthetics, clear functionality and durability.
As the collection grew, ARKADEMIE was established and had collaborated with leather-craft and book-binding artisans to bring leather journals, sketchbooks, book sleeves, implements and accessories into this market of discerning professionals.  
We have collaborated with a wide spectrum of distinguished clients across diverse fields to realize meaningful and memorable products:
Autism Resource Centre Singapore
Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore
Barclays Investment Bank
BUGATTI Singapore - HATCH Design Consultants
Design Business Chamber Singapore
EDEN School
ERA Realty Network Singapore
Fei-Yue Family Service Singapore
Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy
Medinex Limited
Ministry of Social and Family Development
National Heritage Board
National Archives - National Library Board
National Museum Singapore
Overjoyed Art Supplies
Singapore Polytechnic
Singapore Airlines - KrisShop Pte Ltd
Society for the Physically Disabled
Takashimaya SC, Singapore
Temasek Polytechnic
The FARM Store